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DocuForms' POD-2010 Patient History form is easy for your patient to complete. It’s crisp and clean, easy to read and well organized -- it doesn’t ask for redundant information. Patients often find themselves filling out plain, poorly organized, photocopied intake forms. With the POD-2010 Your new patients will be impressed with the professionalism of your practice.

Click on the picture of the form to the right to view an enlargement of the form. It's worth the look. You'll be impressed by how simple and well-designed it is. Your patients won’t have a lot to write with this form. In most cases they can just check off the pertinent information.

Importantly, when you have a patient who needs assistance filling out this form, your staff won’t have to devote lots of valuable time helping out.

The comprehensive history gathered on this form will allow you to bill for even the highest level E&M code (in any setting) when justified.


Financial - Insurance
Patient History
Physical Exam
Podiatric Services Report
Skin & Nailcare follow-up
Nursing Home
Large Podiatry Referral
Pocket Podiatry Referral
General SOAP
General Care Advisory
Diabetic Care Advisory
Radiography Report
Lower Leg Wound Care Report