Easily Document Three Visits On A Single Form Using DocuForms' POD-3040.

Now for only a few pennies per visit, you can fully document your medically necessary at-risk routine care follow-up visits and billing.

These forms allow you to efficiently document to Medicare standards. One sheet covers three follow-up visits for Skin / Nail Care – one visit on the front side and two on the back side of a single sheet.

This form links to and incorporates your previous E&M note, such as the POD-3030 or the POD-2020.

The form eliminates the need to reiterate the details of your E&M in your follow-up note. At the top of the form, where it states “At a prior visit on…” enter the date of that E&M to incorporate it.

The form guides you to record the details and billing information that Medicare demands for these follow-up services. One form each of the POD-3030 and POD-3040 covers eight months of regular nail and skin care if it is done every 61 days. After that time it’s probably time to repeat the E&M if you have not done it sooner.

The coding information for billing three follow-up visits is conveniently located on the front of the form.


Financial - Insurance
Patient History
Physical Exam
Podiatric Services Report
Skin & Nailcare follow-up
Nursing Home
Large Podiatry Referral
Pocket Podiatry Referral
General SOAP
General Care Advisory
Diabetic Care Advisory
Radiography Report
Lower Leg Wound Care Report