Since we introduced the DocuForms' POD-3060 Lower Leg Wound Care Report it has been adopted by many specialties treating lower leg wounds including podiatrists, vascular, orthopedic and plastic surgeons plus physical therapists and wound care nurses.

The Lower Leg Wound Care Report facilitates the generation of complete progress notes through an easy-to-complete S.O.A.P format. Use this form wherever you treat your patients, whether at your office, a clinic, the hospital, the patient’s home or in a nursing facility.

It allows you to easily produce the comprehensive documentation that is required under the current Medicare/AMA guidelines. This form is totally compatible with treating patients under the AHCPR* Clinical Practice Guideline on Pressure Ulcer. It even includes a reference listing of the criteria to the AHCPR wound classification grading scale.

It makes it very easy for you to document your patient’s complaints. The history, your observations during the exam, your plan of treatment, the procedures that you performed and the orders you gave.

Two very important aspects of wound care documentation are handled by this form. 1) Periodic assessment of dermal and neurovascular examination and 2) The regular recording of the features of the wound. This form has the capacity to document up to four wounds.

You can quickly note or check off the features of the wounds that your patient presents without a lot of writing. The result is a comprehensive note of your wound management for every encounter.


* Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, U.S Department of Health and Human Services.