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DocuForms' POD-7020 Podiatric Referral Pads will help you build your podiatric practice.

They'll help you become the first choice Podiatrist in your area by making it easy for local primary care physicians to refer their patients to you.

Use the POD-7020 Podiatric Referral Pads to become a key part of your networking strategy. With each order you'll get an equal number of full-sized and pocket-sized forms.

You can get 100 pads (50 full-sized and 50 pocket-sized) for $250.00, or 250 pads (125 full-sized and 125 pocket-sized) for $499.00

Build Your Practice

  • We can personalize the forms to accomodate single or multiple doctors and/or practice locations. We can create and include map(s) and print additional information on the back of the forms.
  • We can help you identify doctors by medical specialty and other potential referral sources within a selected radius of your office location(s) and help you with your mailing to them. We can even print the referring doctor's name, address, and phone number on individual pads for the ultimate in one to one marketing and effectiveness.
  • Whether you're a new doctor just hanging out your shingle or a solo practitioner wanting to add an associate, or maximize the value of your practice for sale or a large successful group practice with multiple doctors and locations, we can custom tailor the POD-7020s to suit your needs and develop a cost-effective marketing program to maximize your success.

    Please feel free to call us at 1-800-995-2001 and let us help you develop a plan to build your practice.

    QUICK ORDER - Quantity:
    Package contains 1/2 letter size + 1/2 pocket size pads of 20.

    Financial - Insurance
    Patient History
    Physical Exam
    Podiatric Services Report
    Skin & Nailcare follow-up
    Nursing Home
    Large Podiatry Referral
    Pocket Podiatry Referral
    General SOAP
    General Care Advisory
    Diabetic Care Advisory
    Radiography Report
    Lower Leg Wound Care Report