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1997 Documentation Guidlines for Evaluation and Managements Services
These guidelines represent the most current set of rules for the documentation of evaluation and management services (E&M codes) as set forth by Medicare and the AMA. These standards have also been adopted by many other public and private payers. These guidelines also include the general standards and requirements for medical documentation. A thorough understanding of these guidelines is essential to any healthcare provider who creates a medical record and/or is involved in the billing for medical services. These are the rules that were followed and implemented in the creation of DocuForms medical chart notes.

When you review these guidelines alongside DocuForms products you'll truly get an appreciation of the structure, form and content of our products.

Department of Health and Human Services

Office of Inspector General -
Medicare Payments for Nail Debridement Services.

Department of Health and Human Services

Office of Civil Rights -
Guidance Explaining Significant Aspects of the Privacy Rule of HIPAA.

Fraud Watcher Network
Useful links to information about Medicare fraud with a focus on podiatric concerns.

Financial - Insurance
Patient History
Physical Exam
Podiatric Services Report
Skin & Nailcare follow-up
Nursing Home
Large Podiatry Referral
Pocket Podiatry Referral
General SOAP
General Care Advisory
Diabetic Care Advisory
Radiography Report
Lower Leg Wound Care Report

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