It’s important to keep your patient’s primary care physician and other treating docs in the loop about treatments and medications the patient is receiving from you. The Patient Care and Diabetic Care Advisories from DocuForms offer a simple way for you to provide clear information to your patients’ other doctors.

DocuForms’ Care Advisories have a second purpose. You see, the information in the Advisories is presented in a check-off list. Since the forms contain a comprehensive list of the treatments offered by your podiatric practice – not just the ones you gave to the patient – they educate other doctors about the range of treatments you can give to their other patients. Though you may not realize it, many doctors have no idea of the scope of a podiatrist’s expertise. The Advisories educate these doctors – they will learn far more about the extent of your services than if you send a plain dictated report. In fact, podiatrists who use the DocuForms Care Advisories often tell us that these forms are their number one source of new referrals.

You’ll find that DocuForms’ Care Advisories are quick and easy to fill out, much easier than dictating a report to the primary care physician. If you just send a photocopy of your record or a transcribed report, the other doctors will have to spend time figuring out and finding the information they really need. Our forms are focused and concise.

The cost of this form to you is measured in cents, whereas a transcribed report is measured in dollars. This form is so quick and easy to fill out that you can literally complete it while the patient is still in the office. You can drop it into the matching companion envelope and mail it on the day of treatment. With a dictated report the time scale is days, or even weeks. With our form you’re sending current information and because it is current it is valued and appreciated.

This is a two-part NCR carbonless designed so that the original gets mailed to the primary care physician and a duplicate copy is automatically generated for your charts and has an area to document special mailing instructions for your staff as well as an area to document your follow-up.


Financial - Insurance
Patient History
Physical Exam
Podiatric Services Report
Skin & Nailcare follow-up
Nursing Home
Large Podiatry Referral
Pocket Podiatry Referral
General SOAP
General Care Advisory
Diabetic Care Advisory
Radiography Report
Lower Leg Wound Care Report