Now Shipping with the 2014 ICD-9 and HCPCS Codes.

DocuForms' POD-UE2014 Universal Encounter Superbill.

You how important it is to keep your Superbill up to date. You also know that keeping your Superbill current on your own requires a lot of hard work.

However, there’s no need for you to develop your own Superbill. DocuForms offers a ready-to-use Superbill for the Podiatric practice. It’s called the Universal Encounter Superbill, and it’s the only ready-to-use podiatric Superbill on the market.

Updated several times a year, DocuForms’ Superbill is always current and complete, following the latest Medicare billing rules. An out-of-date or incomplete Superbill will lower your reimbursements. With DocuForms you’ll never have to worry.

The Universal Encounter Superbill is constantly updated to reflect the latest CPT codes for procedures, HCPCS supply codes, ICD-9 diagnosis codes (accurate to five digits, as is required) and the latest CPT and Medicare modifier codes. The codes on the form have been selected by leading podiatrists across the country, using years of professional experience. You don’t have to figure out what you need on your Superbill, DocuForms has done that for you.

Everything from palliative skin and nail care to complex rear-foot surgical procedures is covered in the DocuForms Superbill. Podiatrists report as much as a twenty percent increase in revenue because this Superbill allows them to code accurately and correctly for all the services they have provided.

Many doctors just starting out in their practice don’t realize that supplies are not figured into the reimbursements you get from insurers. It’s very important that you bill separately for the supplies you use – otherwise you are paying for them out of your own pocket.

The Universal Encounter Superbill makes it easy for you to bill for supplies. Not all insurance plans pay for all supplies – in fact supply billing can get so complicated that many doctors have given up trying to bill for them. Billing for supplies with the DocuForms Superbill is so quick and easy that it will always be worth the few seconds it takes. Users of our Superbill report that over time reimbursements for supplies increase their bottom line by ten to twenty percent. That can be the difference between a profit and a loss for your practice. Most insurance plans pay for some supplies. However, you’ll never know which ones do unless you try.

The DocuForms Superbill tells you which supplies get billed to which payer and tells you what modifiers are necessary. This form supports the level of detail insurers want these days. Even highly experienced billers have a hard time doing this without the Universal Encounter Superbill.


POD-UE2014/S Pricing
1-part single sheet pad

POD-UE2014/SU Pricing
unpadded single sheets

POD-UE2014/SI Pricing
Overprinted/Personalized UE2014/S pads

POD-UE2014/SUI Pricing
Unpadded version of UE2014/SU