1,000 Podiatry ICD-10 Superbills

Universal Encounter 2016


500 Podiatry Nursing Home Forms

Podiatric Nursing Home Form


250 Podiatry Nursing Home Forms

Podiatric Nursing Home Form

DocuForms has been supplying superbills (routing slips) to thousands of podiatrists across the United States for over 20 years. We’ve used our experience and expertise to create an easy-to-use, understandable, podiatry-specific superbill, which contains all the new ICD-10 codes for frequently used diagnoses. It also has frequently used CPT procedure codes and HCPCs supply codes that podiatrists need to bill for their services.

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"Unbelievable! My billing service that bills for 50+ doctors told me to find my own solutions for ICD-10. Thank goodness I discovered your podiatric ICD-10 superbill. Prayers Answered!" — P. Walters DPM | CA Order Now


ICD-10 Updated

The time to begin is now. ICD-10-CM coding framework utilizes so many more specific codes and more digits than you currently use to list your diagnoses; that anyone, who has looked at the documentation requirements for ICD-10, knows that they can’t do it cold-turkey; that they will require a lot of code familiarity and practice prior to October 1st.

Features in the
Universal Encounter 2016

  • Easy One-Page, Double-sided Layout with the Codes you need
  • Enhanced Color Coding System to make navigating and selecting codes easy
  • New expanded legal-size form perforated for folding to letter-size for easy filing
  • Updated: CPT codes for procedures
  • Updated: HCPCS supply codes
  • Updated: Medicare modifier codes with billing prompts
  • And Now: ICD-10 7-Digit diagnosis codes
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New Features

For New Codes.


​New and Embedded Legends

Our new color-coded, symbol system guides you through selecting and building the ICD-10 codes that you need to use and report (with all the required multi-digit specificity) clearly and easily.


Symbolic References

Color-coded symbols with near-by legends guide you to choosing the appropriate options for each variable-code digit when required.


New Perforated Design

The new UniversalEncounter is printed double-sided on legal-size paper with a special perforation to allow you to easily file it into a patient's letter-size chart or scan into your EHR.

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25 Years in the Making

When we started creating and supplying superbills 25 years ago to podiatrists, we never imagined that someday they would need to support the level of complexity that is now required in the mandatory implementation of the ICD-10 codes. I'm proud of our team that has slaved away for two years to create the latest version of our product: the UniversalEncounter 2016. With their creativity we have been able to create a product that truly supports podiatrist’s needs through an intuitive color-coded system with the same great layout that has stood the test of time. We hope you'll agree that we have created the needed missing link for ICD-10 implementation.

Heath Kline | CEO


Codes too numerous to count

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All of your favorite CPT procedures including E&M criteria

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All of the modifiers you need to know for correct billing

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