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As you'll see below, our exam forms are structured to allow you to document the treatments you provide more quickly and more accurately -- and at a far lower cost than transcribed notes.

You'll also learn about forms that get your relationship with your patients going in the right direction, and forms that increase the amount of referrals you receive from other doctors by informing them of the range of treatments you offer.

Financial - Insurance Form (POD-1010)
This personalized form collects all of the essential information for billing and collection purposes and documents authorizations that are required before you can legally treat any patient.

Patient History plus Complaints (POD-2010)
The podiatric Patient History may be used with both new and returning patients to annually update your records so as to bring or keep your charts up to current documentation standards. 

As the foundation of your medical chart, this form perfectly complements all DocuForms exam forms.

It's easy for most patients to fill out by themselves. The questions you ask most frequently are already on the form. All you need to do is review and confirm the patient's answer.

Patient Physical Exam (POD-2020)
This is the form of choice whenever you need to document an extended, detailed podiatric exam such as presurgical exams, cases that involve complex etiology or patients with a past medical history that alerts you to be extra thorough.

The 2020 is so quick and easy to complete that you can choose to do more extensive exams without fear of substantially increasing your documentation time requirements.

Podiatric Services Report (POD-3030)
This form eliminates the majority of handwritten, dictated or computer generated notes! Using the DocuForms Podiatric Services Report, you will find that you can now keep your charts current in a fraction of the time and costs of other charting systems.

Nursing Home Podiatric Services Report (POD-4030)
Podiatric groups of all sizes have standardized on the DocuForms Nursing Home Report to create the detailed billing information plus the required supporting clinical documentation with the necessary key points, phrases and terms to comply with the latest Medicare HCFA/AMA guidelines. With the POD-4030 you accomplish all this in less time and at lower cost than ever before.

By using the POD-4030 you will likely never again leave out any of the information required to pass an audit and avoid costly paybacks.

This two-part carbonless form automatically creates original chart notes for the Facility and duplicate copies for your office. It is designed to facilitate same--day completion of chart documentation and billing.

General SOAP Note (POD-3010)
The podiatric General SOAP Note is ideal for standalone use in limited, problem-focused situations, or to be used together with any DocuForms exam form. This form may be appropriate when seeing new or established patients and may often be used for follow-up visits.

It easily guides you through the S-O-A-P format. It prompts and provides spaces for you to reference dates of prior records, helping you maintain your historical trail of documentation.

This easily completed form gives you the most freedom, but still reduces writing to save you time and dictation costs.

Podiatric Referral Pad Sets (POD-7020)

Looking for away to quickly grow your practice and add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your practice income? You just found it.

PCPs in your community see hundreds of patients each week, many with lower extremity complaints that you're best qualified to treat.

If only you could initially educate and constantly remind these doctors of that fact and make it convenient for their patients and easy for them to refer these problems to you they would.

Now you can with your own custom personalized letter size DocuForms podiatric referral form pads.

And for a limited time, we're including FREE an equal number of handy pocket size referral pads that are perfectly sized to fit in a #10 envelope to include in your everyday Dr. to Dr. correspondence or to pass out.

Patient Care Advisory (POD-5010)

The Patient Care Advisory and Diabetic Patient Care Advisory (see below) perform two important functions:

First, they help you keep your patient's primary care physician informed about the care you are providing. By presenting the information in diagrams and check-off boxes, the form is easy for you to complete and for the other physician to understand.

Second, because of the way the information is presented, the PCAs also inform the other physican about the range of care that you can provide to their other patients. Most physicians have no idea of the range of care you can provide. Physicians who receive your PCA will find it eye-opening.

Many DPMs who use our Patient Care Advisories report that it is their number one source of new referrals.

Diabetic Patient Care Advisory (POD-5020)

Like the Patient Care Advisory (see above) this form makes it easy for you to keep your patient's other physicians informed about the treatments the patient is receiving.

2. It makes it easy for the other doctors to quickly find and understand the information that is meaningful to them.

3. It establishes you as the expert in diagnosing, treating and most importantly managing the special needs of the diabetic patient and the extra risks associated with their condition.

Radiography Report (POD-2040)
The Radiography Report allows you to create quality reports that are detailed and complete in a fraction of the time and cost of doing narrative style or computer generated notes.

For most sets of x-rays the majority of the form does not require your attention. You only need to use the sections that are applicable to that review.

Skin and Nailcare follow-up (POD-3040)
This form allows you to easily document three visits on a single form. For only a few pennies per visit you can fully document your medically necessary at-risk-routine-care follow-up and billing.

The coding information for billing three follow-up visits is conveniently located on the front of the form.

Lower Leg Wound Care Report (POD-3060)
Since we introduced this form it has been adopted by many specialties treating lower leg wounds including podiatrists, vascular, orthopedic and plastic surgeons plus physical therapists and wound care nurses.

The Report facilitates the generation of complete progress notes through an easy-to-complete S.O.A.P. format wherever you treat patients, whether at your office, a clinic, the hospital, the patient's home or in a nursing facility.

This form makes it easy for you to cover all the information medical reviewers expect to find in your notes.

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